September 2011...

Dear friends of Finn Martin,

A tragic accident on Friday night took our dearest friend Finn Martin away from us.
The sad news of Finn’s recent passing has shocked us and is absolutely unbelievable for us.

Finn not only was an extraordinary person, an outstanding musician, a fascinating artist,
a communicative genius and a great friend.

He was, is, and remains much much more…

… a source of inspiration,
… a mediator between cultures and generations,
… an idol for understanding and reconciliation,
… THE joker,
… an ambassador of love.

What is Vertigo?

Vertigo is an unusually emotional music aerial performance. The interesting idea about Vertigo is that it is not putting its main focus on the spectacular aspect of the altitude, but rather on the emotional content. Finn Martin descends at times, from vertiginous heights playing his own original compositions. On a metaphorical level, this show contains a large number of messages, as trust, courage, creativity, concentration, teamwork and joy.
On certain occasions, Finn Martin works with a head camera in order to enhance and transmit his spectacular views, mixed by a VJ, with unusual angles and takes of creative camera men, transforming this event to an artful kaleidoscope of images and sound. The transmission of all these elements on a large viewing screen at ground level creates deep amazement and has touched audiences all over the world.
You are welcome to discover more about "Finn Martin Vertigo" in this site and if you have some comments or requests feel free to contact him.


VERTIGO can be booked for inaugurations (especially suitable are tall buildings) show events, product launches, cultural happenings or festivals.
VERTIGO is also available for privates events (like an exclusive and spectacular birthday present) and celebrations of all kinds.

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